All the Extras - For the Dogs

 Extra Play Time

  •  2 More Potty Walks - $6 

Some of our loved ones need a little more than our normally scheduled three times a day. If this is so, you may add two additional potty breaks a day to your pet’s stay. 

  •  Outdoor Off-Leash Playtime - $12

Give your dog some “one on one” time with one of our caring kennel staff members for 15 minutes of running in one of our fenced yards. This will give them an opportunity to get out and run off some excess energy while breathing in some of the Midtown air. 

  •  Group Play at Stay! (Doggie Daycare) – starting at $15

 Allow your pet to play with others and enjoy either our indoor playroom or our grassy outdoor recess yards. We promise small play groups which means a limited human to canine ratio (no more than 10 to 1); and here at Stay, we practice good manners - meaning our Canine Concierges doesn’t allow bullying or bad manners.

 Room Service


  • Frozen Peanut Butter Kongs – $3-$5

 Does your canine companion enjoy peanut buttery treats? If so, they’ll love a frozen Kong filled with peanut butter for their pleasure.  Not only will it stimulate their taste buds, but will also keep their minds busy and is delivered straight to their kennel!